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Best E-Learning Software: iSpring Features

Evgeniya Ioffe - July 4th 2024 - 4 minutes read

In the rapidly evolving landscape of employee training, leveraging the right tools can make all the difference. Enter iSpring Suite—a powerhouse in the e-learning authoring tool market. This article will divulge what sets iSpring Suite apart, dive into the latest enhancements in its version 11.7, explore its feature-rich functionalities for creating immersive training experiences, and examine its seamless compatibility and exceptional support. Join us as we uncover why iSpring Suite is considered the gold standard for effective online training.

Introduction to iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite is a leading e-learning authoring tool designed to support educators, corporate trainers, and instructional designers in creating interactive online courses with ease. Its seamless integration with Microsoft PowerPoint allows users to transform familiar presentations into dynamic e-learning content, lowering the learning curve and enabling faster content development.

Key features of iSpring Suite include the ability to create interactive courses, quizzes, dialog simulations, and video tutorials directly within the PowerPoint interface. It supports SCORM-compliant course creation, ensuring smooth integration with various Learning Management Systems (LMS). The software also offers a robust built-in content library with over 90,000 assets, including locations, characters, icons, and course templates.

Ideal for converting static presentations into dynamic e-learning modules, iSpring Suite caters to a wide array of e-learning needs, from simple text-based courses to complex multimedia experiences. By supporting formats like SCORM, AICC, xAPI, and cmi5, iSpring ensures the created courses are versatile and easily deployable across various platforms.

Latest Version Insights: iSpring Suite 11.7

iSpring Suite 11.7 brings several noteworthy enhancements to the table, offering significant advancements. One of the standout features of this latest release is the built-in character builder, enabling users to design unique, custom characters without external graphic design software. This not only saves time but also ensures that courses are visually consistent and tailored to the specific audience.

Another key improvement in iSpring Suite 11.7 is the integration of an AI assistant. This tool significantly speeds up the writing, editing, and formatting process, making content development more efficient and less error-prone. Users have reported that the AI assistant is intuitive and has dramatically cut down the time spent on routine tasks, allowing them to focus more on creative aspects.

User responses to these updates are highly favorable, with many highlighting the enhanced real-time collaboration features. The ability to work concurrently on projects has made teamwork more seamless and productive. However, some users have pointed out that getting accustomed to these new functionalities might involve a learning curve. Despite this, the general consensus is that the improvements in iSpring Suite 11.7 are valuable additions that enhance the overall user experience and efficiency.

Feature-rich Functionalities for Effective eLearning

iSpring Suite's diverse functionalities make it stand out as a robust tool for effective eLearning. One of the core features is its interactive quiz maker that includes various question types like drag-and-drop, matching, and multiple-choice. This dynamic capability not only boosts learner engagement but also provides immediate feedback through branching scenarios and personalized messages, making the learning process more interactive and tailored. Furthermore, iSpring’s adaptability ensures that quizzes are compatible with a multitude of devices, enhancing accessibility and convenience for users.

Role-play simulations in iSpring Suite elevate the learning experience by allowing users to create branching scenarios. These simulations are particularly effective in training environments requiring interactive scenarios, such as customer service or sales training. They enable learners to practice real-world situations, enhancing decision-making skills and knowledge retention. This functionality can quickly convert existing content into engaging scenarios, ensuring that the learning experience is not just informative but immersive.

The ability to create training videos and employ text-to-speech features adds another layer of versatility. Instructors can record and edit video tutorials, combine them with presentation slides, and use voiceover narration to make content more engaging and accessible. The text-to-speech functionality allows for the rapid creation of professional-sounding voiceovers, saving time and resources. This blend of video and audio enhances the comprehensiveness and richness of the eLearning content, catering to diverse learning styles and needs.

Compatibility and Support: Seamless Integration and Robust Assistance

iSpring's compatibility with a vast array of Learning Management Systems (LMS) is a standout feature that ensures seamless integration across different platforms. It supports major eLearning standards like SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, xAPI, and cmi5, making it flexible in various LMS environments. This broad compatibility has been verified through rigorous testing across over 150 LMSs, ensuring that iSpring content works effortlessly on virtually any system. Whether you are using Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, or other popular LMS platforms, iSpring facilitates creating and publishing courses without technical hurdles.

The quality of support provided by iSpring is another significant advantage. With no reliance on bots or automated replies, users can expect prompt and personalized assistance. Whether you choose to call, email, or chat, the support team is committed to resolving issues quickly, evidenced by an impressive 83% resolution rate within two hours. This level of support ensures that users can overcome any challenges they encounter, leading to a smoother, more efficient eLearning experience.

Moreover, the integration capabilities of iSpring extend beyond LMS platforms. It pairs well with various HR systems and business tools like Oracle, ADP, BambooHR, Salesforce, Workday, and Zoom, thanks to its flexible REST/SOAP API support. This integration flexibility allows iSpring to evolve with your business needs, offering a scalable solution that can be customized as your organization grows. The combination of robust compatibility and dedicated support makes iSpring a reliable choice for comprehensive eLearning deployment.


iSpring Suite is a leading e-learning authoring tool that allows users to create interactive online courses with ease. The latest version, iSpring Suite 11.7, offers enhancements like a built-in character builder and an AI assistant to streamline content development. The software's feature-rich functionalities include an interactive quiz maker, role-play simulations, and video creation capabilities. With seamless compatibility with various Learning Management Systems (LMS) and robust support, iSpring Suite is a reliable choice for effective and immersive employee training.