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Employee Onboarding Best Practices with Rippling

Evgeniya Ioffe - January 7th 2024 - 6 minutes read

Welcome to "Crafting an Impactful Journey: The Art of Employee Onboarding with Rippling," where we unravel the tapestry of a truly transformative onboarding experience. From the meticulous preparation before the grand entrance to the strategic milestones laid throughout a new hire's first triumphant 90 days, this article is your guide through the nuanced art of welcoming talent with finesse and foresight. Powered by the sophisticated engines of Rippling's automation, prepare to journey through a realm where every onboarding step is an opportunity to invigorate your team with culture, connection, and a course set for collective triumph. Join us as we explore how Rippling’s intuitive suite reshapes the narrative of first impressions in the corporate theater, setting the stage for enduring success and synergy.

Setting the Stage: Pre-Boarding Essentials

Ensuring a seamless transition for new hires starts long before their first day on the job. Completing background checks and getting paperwork in order are foundational to this pre-boarding phase. With Rippling, you can streamline the process of conducting thorough employment background checks that adhere to local regulations. This pre-emptive step not only builds trust by demonstrating due diligence but also helps to preemptively address any potential issues that could arise later on. By executing these checks efficiently, Rippling empowers companies to pave the way for a new employee’s journey without legal snags, setting a professional tone from the outset.

Next, gathering and preparing all necessary paperwork prior to the new hire's first day is a critical step that cannot be overlooked. Whether you're onboarding locally or globally, Rippling simplifies this task with its ability to customize onboarding materials to the specific requirements of the employee's home country. This ensures not only compliance with diverse employment laws but also demonstrates to the new hire that the company values attention to detail and thorough preparation. The ability to send, sign, and store digital documents through Rippling's single, centralized system is a game-changer, illustrating a commitment to accuracy and efficiency that new hires will appreciate and seek to emulate.

Lastly, setting up technology is a key component of pre-boarding, especially in today's increasingly digital workplace. Rippling's platform stands out by enabling companies to equip new hires with the necessary tech tools and access to apps seamlessly. Imagine issuing company hardware, configuring software, and managing app accounts all within less than five minutes—Rippling makes this a reality. This proactive approach to tech setup not only saves precious time but also conveys a message of readiness and anticipation for the new team member's arrival. Consequently, when these elements are meticulously addressed, it establishes a strong foundation for an onboarding process that is not only productive but also deeply engaging for the new employee.

The First Day: A Strategic Blueprint

Ensuring that the first day for a new employee is impactful involves a seamless transition into their role, a warm team welcome, and having access to the right tools and resources. With Rippling, this transition is meticulously coordinated. It starts with a prepared workspace, complete with necessary hardware and software, allowing the new hire to dive into their tasks without delay. A thoughtfully arranged desk, proximity to team members, and available office supplies also play a crucial part in making them feel at home. While ostentatious welcome gestures might not resonate in every culture, what's critical is showing that the company is well-prepared and values their presence from day one.

Interaction with the team is another pillar of a successful first-day experience. Rippling facilitates this by enabling team leaders to introduce new members through streamlined communication channels, such as pre-scheduled welcome emails. This not only breaks the ice for the new hire but also cements the company's collaborative spirit. Additionally, providing a roster of colleagues, along with their titles and contact information, encourages new hires to start building their internal network, which is instrumental in fostering a sense of belonging and community within the company.

Providing a suite of onboarding resources, custom-fit to the individual's role and the company's culture, is the final touch in forging a memorable first impression. With Rippling’s automation, essential documents like the employee handbook, job description, company mission statement, and culture specifics are easily distributed ensuring nothing is overlooked. This attention to detail not only reinforces the organizational culture from the onset but also equips the new employee with clarity regarding their responsibilities and the company's expectations, setting the stage for their success and satisfaction from day one.

The 90-Day Integration Plan: Training, Goals, and Feedback

In the initial 90 days, a new hire's journey is strategically structured around training, setting goals, and establishing pathways for feedback. With Rippling, the approach to training is not one-size-fits-all; instead, schedules are built to fit the individual needs of each employee, allowing for personalized learning experiences that promote a thorough grasp of their role and responsibilities. Goals set during this period act as milestones that shape an employee’s progress, making it easy for managers to track advancements and areas needing improvement directly through Rippling’s dashboard. This integration of goal-setting within the platform ensures that expectations are transparent and achievements are recognized in real-time, cultivating a sense of accomplishment and clarity for the new team member.

Feedback mechanisms are integral during this time, as they offer insights into both the new hire's perceptions and their performance from the viewpoint of other team members. Rippling facilitates a continuous dialogue by scheduling regular check-ins, which become a cornerstone of the onboarding process. These interactions are not merely administrative but are crafted as opportunities for genuine two-way communication, where not only is feedback provided to the new hire, but their own thoughts on the onboarding experience are solicited and valued. This feedback loop, directly managed within Rippling, informs real-time modifications to the onboarding process, ensuring that it evolves to become even more effective for future hires.

Adapting onboarding practices to each individual's pace and learning preference is crucial, and Rippling's dashboard serves as a central hub that monitors a new hire’s progress throughout the 90-day period. By quantifying training completions, goal achievements, and feedback patterns, the system allows for adjustments to be made swiftly, ensuring no employee is left behind. This adaptive approach underscores a company’s commitment to growth and continuous improvement, setting a tone of developmental support which is likely to resonate with the new hire well beyond their first three months. The end result is a robust, responsive onboarding experience that solidifies the foundation for a motivated, engaged, and productive member of the team.

Tech-Powered Onboarding: Rippling's Automation Advantage

Harnessing cutting-edge technology, Rippling transforms the onboarding process into an automated, efficient, and seamless experience for new hires. By clicking a single button, employers can initiate a robust setup for their new employees, encompassing payroll setup, health insurance enrollment, issuance of corporate cards, provisioning of work computers, and access to essential applications such as Slack, Zoom, and Office 365, all within an astonishing 90-second timeframe. The platform's capacity to synthesize complex HR and IT functions into a rapid operational flow not only expedites administrative tasks but also underscores the adaptability and versatility that modern businesses require.

The automation advantage that Rippling offers extends beyond mere operational efficiency; it instills a sense of immediate belonging and empowerment in new hires. By ensuring that from day one, employees have all the tools and information at their fingertips, Rippling fosters a workspace where new team members can dive into their roles without delay. This user-friendly approach translates into real-time engagement, allowing new employees to feel valued and connected from the outset, which is vital for nurturing long-term commitment and success within the company.

In exploring Rippling's technology edge, one cannot overlook how the platform's integrated ecosystem dovetails with the overarching goal of aligning employee experiences with company values and expectations. The platform's automated and personalized onboarding journey is more than a demonstration of HR efficiency – it's a strategic investment in the human capital that shapes the future of the company. Ultimately, as new hires transition smoothly into their roles feeling equipped and supported, Rippling sets the stage for sustained employee achievement and satisfaction, reinforcing the correlation between a high-quality onboarding experience and long-term organizational excellence.


In this article, we explore the best practices for employee onboarding using Rippling, a sophisticated automation platform. From pre-boarding essentials to the strategic blueprint for the first day and the 90-day integration plan, Rippling streamlines the onboarding process, ensuring a seamless transition for new hires. Key takeaways include the importance of thorough preparation, personalized training experiences, transparent goal-setting, regular feedback, and the automation advantage offered by Rippling, all of which contribute to a successful and engaging onboarding experience that sets the stage for long-term employee satisfaction and organizational excellence.