Adyen Payment Gateway Setup for Docebo

Evgeniya Ioffe - June 18th 2024 - 4 minutes read

When it comes to leveraging a world-class learning management system (LMS) like Docebo, seamlessly integrating a robust payment gateway is crucial for a smooth user experience and efficient monetization. In this article, we'll unravel the step-by-step process of setting up Adyen in Docebo, exploring everything from configuration intricacies and diverse payment methods to maintaining ironclad security and rigorous compliance. Whether you're aiming for streamlined payment operations or top-notch fraud protection, discover how to unlock the full potential of your Docebo platform by mastering the Adyen payment gateway.

Setting Up Adyen in Docebo

To set up Adyen in Docebo, start by ensuring you have the necessary prerequisites: an active Adyen account with API credentials and administrative access to your Docebo LMS. Navigate to the integration section within Docebo and select the Adyen integration option. Start the configuration process, where you will be prompted to enter your Adyen API credentials, including the Merchant Account, API Key, and Server Configuration.

Next, configure the settings within Docebo to ensure a smooth integration. Locate the transaction settings area within the Adyen integration module. Here, you will input key parameters such as payment webhook URLs for real-time transaction updates and system notifications. It’s crucial to accurately fill in these parameters to maintain synchronization between Docebo and Adyen's payment processing.

Finally, test the setup to confirm everything is configured correctly. Use the Adyen test environment to simulate transactions and verify that the payment process operates smoothly within Docebo and that transaction statuses are updated accurately. Once satisfied with the testing results, switch to the live environment to start accepting real payments.

Configuring Payment Methods

Adyen supports a wide range of payment methods that can be seamlessly integrated into Docebo to create a versatile and user-friendly payment experience for your learners. To start, you can enable credit card payments by configuring certified card controls and ensuring PCI compliance, thus offering a secure and straightforward transaction process. Additionally, setting up bank transfers is simple, allowing learners to make payments directly from their bank account, which can be particularly useful for higher-value transactions or markets where credit card usage is less prevalent.

Moreover, Adyen also supports alternative payment methods such as mobile payments, ACH transfers, and e-wallets like PayPal, enhancing payment flexibility. Each of these options can be activated and customized to meet the diverse preferences of your global audience. Adyen's API and integration tools allow you to manage and adjust these configurations easily, without extensive technical know-how.

For businesses that operate internationally, Adyen's multi-currency support is invaluable. You can set up the system to accept various currencies, making it more convenient for learners from different regions. This involves configuring currency options in both Adyen and Docebo to ensure seamless currency conversion and accurate financial reporting. By offering multiple payment methods and supporting multi-currency transactions, you can significantly improve the payment experience for your global clientele.

Monitoring and Managing Payments

Docebo provides powerful tools for effectively monitoring and managing payments processed through Adyen. You can access detailed payment reports directly within the Docebo platform through the Payments section. Here, key metrics like transaction volume, payment methods used, and total revenue can be meticulously tracked and analyzed. Customizable dashboards allow you to visualize this data, helping you quickly identify trends and anomalies.

Interpreting key metrics is crucial for optimizing payment processes. Look at metrics such as success rates, failure reasons, and refund rates to gain insights into payment performance. These metrics can help pinpoint inefficiencies and areas needing improvement, such as recurring payment issues or high chargeback rates. Understanding these patterns enables you to make informed decisions about payment strategies and customer engagement.

Regular audits and reviews of your payment data are essential for maintaining system integrity and performance. Utilize the analytic insights provided by Docebo to conduct these audits. For instance, filtering transaction records by date or payment method can help isolate and troubleshoot any discrepancies. Moreover, setting up custom alerts for unusual activity can preemptively address potential payment problems, ensuring a smooth and efficient payment process for your business.

Ensuring Transaction Security and Compliance

Adyen implements robust security features, including advanced fraud detection and compliance mechanisms, to ensure secure transactions. Utilizing network-wide insights and customizable risk rules, the platform streamlines the risk assessment process for easier mitigation of potential security threats. Adyen aligns with PCI DSS mandates, safeguarding cardholder data throughout the transaction process.

In Docebo, prioritize SSL certificates and secure data handling to maintain a secure transaction environment. SSL certificates encrypt data transferred between the user's browser and the server, protecting sensitive information from potential breaches. Confirm that the LMS supports these encryption protocols to ensure a secure user environment and regulatory compliance.

Adyen’s integration within Docebo upholds rigorous security standards in payment data handling. Adopting best practices for data import/export and transaction history management significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access, enhances data security, and ensures compliance, thereby protecting sensitive payment information.


In this article, we explore the process of setting up the Adyen payment gateway in the Docebo learning management system (LMS). The article covers the step-by-step configuration process, the variety of payment methods supported by Adyen, and the benefits of monitoring and managing payments within Docebo. Key takeaways include the importance of accurate configuration and testing, the versatility of payment methods available through Adyen, and the value of monitoring payment metrics to optimize the payment process. Additionally, we highlight the robust security features and compliance mechanisms implemented by Adyen and Docebo to ensure secure transactions and protect sensitive payment information.