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How to Rename or Delete a Company in Basecamp

Evgeniya Ioffe - May 12th 2024 - 4 minutes read

In the ever-dynamic world of business, the ability to adapt and manage change efficiently is crucial, particularly when it involves your company's operations in project management tools like Basecamp. Whether you're looking to update your company's identity or streamline your organizational structure, our guide will walk you through the essential steps and considerations for renaming or deleting a company within Basecamp. From navigating the complex settings to ensuring a seamless transition, we provide you with expert advice on handling these adjustments smoothly, ensuring that your projects and team communications remain unaffected. Get ready to enhance your administrative skills and foster better management practices with these actionable insights.

To access the company settings in Basecamp where you can manage your organization’s details, start by navigating to your account’s Home page. From there, identify and click on the link or button titled "Adminland," which is typically located on the right side of the page. "Adminland" serves as the central hub for all administrative functions related to your Basecamp account, including managing companies associated with your account.

Once you are in Adminland, scan through the displayed options to find one specifically labeled for managing company settings, which might read as "Add/remove people or change their access." This section is crucial because it houses all the functionalities related to the customization and administration of company profiles and user roles.

After clicking on this option, you will arrive at a menu where existing companies are listed. Here, individual company settings can be viewed and adjusted. The interface is designed to be straightforward, allowing you to quickly see all related information and make necessary modifications without navigating away from this page. Remember, modifications here can impact how team members interact with projects and data, so it’s wise to ensure you’re familiar with the settings before making significant changes.

Renaming a Company in Basecamp

If you're an admin or owner within Basecamp and need to rename your company, it's essential to manage this change carefully. First, identify the company you aim to rename within your administrative settings. Input the new desired name for the company directly where the option is available.

Once the renaming process is executed, the new company name will be updated across your Basecamp environment. This includes its appearance in project dashboards, communication settings, and all related areas. It is crucial to inform all team members about the name change to prevent any confusion that could affect ongoing projects and team dynamics. Consistent communication ensures that everyone understands the modification will not alter the operational or project-related protocols.

Consider the potential for confusion and questions that such a change might prompt among team members involved in various projects. A structured approach to communicating the reasons behind the name change, its implications, and ensuring all related company documentation and external references are updated simultaneously is advisable. These steps help in maintaining seamless operations, preserving the continuity with existing project commitments, and preventing any miscommunication or disruption in the workplace.

Deleting a Company in Basecamp

When the need arises to delete a company from Basecamp, it's crucial that only account admins or owners proceed with this action. To initiate the process, navigate to Adminland, accessible through your account's Home page. Here, you'll find the option for deleting the company. This action is irreversible and should be handled with caution as it will result in the removal of all associated data and access permissions.

Before proceeding with the deletion of a company, consider the implications on all linked projects and team members. Once deleted, all projects tied to the company will be inaccessible, and team members will lose access to these resources. It's advisable to ensure that all necessary project data is backed up or relocated and that team members are informed in advance to prevent any loss of critical information or work disruption.

Finally, verify that there are no pending obligations or requirements within the company's projects that need attention before deletion. Once you are certain that all data is secured and all team considerations are addressed, confirm the deletion to remove the company from Basecamp. This will also remove any historical data tied to the company, so ensure thorough reviews and backups are completed to avoid unintended data loss.

Best Practices for Managing Company Changes

When considering renaming or deleting a company, it's crucial to maintain data integrity and organizational transparency. Start by mapping out all the systems, documents, and platforms that use the current company name. This could range from email addresses and software tools to business cards and marketing materials. A comprehensive list ensures that the transition is seamless, avoiding confusion amongst clients and partners. After the change, rigorously check that all updates have been implemented correctly to avoid data discrepancies, which could lead to operational issues or a loss of professional credibility.

Communicating changes effectively within the team is another cornerstone of a smooth transition. This begins with a clear announcement explaining the reasons behind the change, details about the new naming, and its impact on ongoing and future projects. Regular updates should be planned to keep all team members aligned with the progression of the transition. Additionally, establishing a feedback loop can be beneficial to address any concerns and gain insights into potential oversights in the transition process. This proactive communication prevents misinformation and resistance among team members, facilitating a more receptive environment for the change.

Finally, ensure continuity in project management during a transition period. It is advisable to appoint a change management team or leader to oversee the process. This team should ensure that all ongoing projects are adequately resourced and that the company's strategic objectives continue to be met without disruption. They should closely monitor the projects to quickly identify and address any issues that might arise due to the change. This focused oversight aids in mitigating risks associated with the transition, ensuring business operations proceed without interruption.


This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to rename or delete a company within Basecamp, a project management tool. The article outlines the steps for accessing the company settings in Basecamp, renaming a company, and deleting a company. Key takeaways from the article include the importance of informing team members about any name changes, backing up data before deleting a company, maintaining data integrity and organizational transparency, and ensuring continuity in project management during the transition period.